Trump’s “Ban on Muslims”

Besides the incredible courageous power of these taxi-drivers, who instituted a work stoppage at Terminal 4 at JFK to show their solidarity with both the protestors there and the people from Muslim majority nations newly banned and being detained having just landed from overseas,

and how heartening it was to see these drivers, people who are often the targets of hate crimes themselves because many are Muslim or Sikh, stand up and protest in this way, sacrificing their working hours because of what is outrageous and, also, what they fear may happen to them in a Trump-America, I suspect,

I wanted to post this to point out that I could find no stories that interviewed the striking taxi-drivers themselves. The Democracy Now story that interviewed the spokesperson for the Taxi-Driver Alliance, Bhairavi Desi, is the closest that I could find after a not inconsiderable google search…

This is a comment on the media… When will journalists cover the voices of those actually affected and / or doing the protesting?

Also, this is a strike in NYC the likes of which we have not seen since… the MTA transit worker strike.

Also, stemming from this is the consumer activist Uber boycott. People are deleting the app from their phones, because Uber did not suspend service to the airport, as well. Their CEO also sits on Trump’s advisory board on economic and other issues. This widespread consumer radicalism is unusual. I wonder where it will go, how long this radicalism will be sustained, and how.

Overall, what people are calling a “Muslim Ban” is outrageous and will not go away unless people speak out… Everyone’s speech is so necessary right now. Just thinking “this is outrageous” is not enough. There have to be clear-spoken denunciations in every which way, otherwise Trump’s ban will stand, hundreds and thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world will be affected, torn apart from their families, and the US will lose hundreds of thousands of would-be immigrants….