expanding the ban….

apparently, another executive order in the making got leaked to the post, and it proposes to ban the entry of – and possibly deport – immigrants that are ‘likely to require taxpayer assistance’

fill the cabinet with big money oligarchs; distract the masses with one circus act after another. not even sure if bread is coming though.

oh, and who’s next?


One thought on “expanding the ban….

  1. Mmhmmph (pained (and sympathetic) sigh). It’s atrocious. I had no idea about this. However, as he is providing his circuses, what are the consequences of those circuses going to be? People are going to get riled up, understandably so. And hopefully this will result in more resistance and more being “#ungovernable.”

    This is huge news, though. Why haven’t I seen anything about this yet?

    Context–some interesting stats on Visa applicants (family and work sponsored) for 2015, 2016: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Immigrant-Statistics/WaitingListItem.pdf


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